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Friday, January 19, 2007

Almost Done

I'm almost done, I'm almost done, I'm almost done. But don't worry friends, I will definitely return. As long as there are menial desk jobs with little to no responsibility, Tempy will return. Until then, I remain your humble servant. Hopefully with more pay next time. And free food, not just water. And email access.


For those of you that know me, I make action figures for people of themselves on their birthday. For those of you that don't know me, I make action figures for people of themselves on their birthday. I used to work at a bar called the Last Exit and it started out as just gifts for the bartenders there. The I expanded onto the "Customer Collection". Tonight is the birthday party of a friend who happens to work at a "rival bar" across the street called Magnetic Fields. They have already called a truce, but the whole thing is pretty funny. So I thought, why not make an action figure for this guy and call it the "Villain Series"?

And it was so. I don't have a picture of the doll I fashioned to look like this guy, but today I made the information about the doll on the back. There's a lot of inside jokes. But then again, most of the people reading this blog are my friends anyway.

"Meet The Villains!

Many years ago, in the Way Way Before time, there existed but one bar. The Last Exit. But with further destruction by Lord Gentrification, other rivals popped up with great force, similar to an uncontrollable virus. Most were destroyed by the Last Exit Avengers. But much like a hydra, it seemed the sooner one was cut off, others regenerated.

One of them would afterward be known as The Magnetic Fields. No, not like in the band. Like in the electromagnetic field that exerts force on a moving charge. And moving charge they did.

Later, unbeknownst to both establishments, they would ban forces against the greatest threat of all, the Atlantic Avenue Betterment Association. But until then, battles were constant and often bloody.

Other action figures in the VILLAIN COLLECTION!™ are:

Dossier: A shapeshifter, Devon uses her powers to turn into other bartenders to lure potential customers to her bar. She is most notorious for tricking people by looking like Karaoke Katharine, and inviting them to her “Devon Dale”.

Dossier: Once known as mortal “William Crane”, a freak accident in a bakery left scars of various confections on his body which he passes off as “tattoos”. When angered, the donut burns red hot, causing the DONUTTER to fight with uncontrollable rage.

The most elusive of all Villains, Phototron is neither human nor Super. Phototron was created by evil Dr. Booth to capture souls with every click of it’s deadly camera. In the shape of a friendly “Face Place”, the monster even has an elusive MySpace profile, whose author no one knows the true identity of. Phototron’s powers can cause confusion and lack of judgment to those who encounter the mechanical beast."


I was just coming back from lunch, (thanks Gaia for re-introducing me to Udon), when I saw a guy with a beautiful bomb sniffing yellow lab in the lobby. I started talking to the guy and the dog was very friendly. I asked what he would do if he smelled a bomb because I know they are all trained to do different things. He replied that he’s still training him to sit but for now he gets so excited he jumps on people. The dog is at this point licking my coat, and then gets real excited and jumps on his handler. I look up and say, “Is that what he does when he smells a bomb?” And the guy is like, “Yeah. Or if he’s really happy.” Um, okay.

Are You Kidding Me?

And now, the weirdest story of the day goes to the Miami Herald:

"Escaped chimp gets snack, cleans bathroom, Associated Press
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - An escaped chimpanzee at the Little Rock Zoo raided a kitchen cupboard and did a little cleaning with a toilet brush before sedatives knocked her out on top of a refrigerator.

The 120-pound primate, Judy, escaped yesterday into a service area when a zookeeper opened a door to her sleeping quarters, unaware the animal was still inside.

As keepers tried to woo Judy back into her cage, she rummaged through a refrigerator where chimp snacks are stored. She opened kitchen cupboards, pulled out juice and soft drinks and took a swig from bottles she managed to open.

Keeper Ann Rademacher says Judy went into the bathroom, picked up a toilet brush and cleaned the toilet. Rademacher says the 37-year-old Judy was a house pet before the zoo acquired her in 1988, so she may have been familiar with housekeeping chores. Judy wrung out a sponge and scrubbed down the fridge.

It took a couple of tries, but the zoo sedated the chimp, who fell asleep on top of the refrigerator with half a loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread she had pulled out of the freezer."

Cookie Break

Did I mention that I love cookies? Man, these are good.

I Want To Be Home

It's one of those days. It is snowing here, and all I want to do is go home, curl up with my dog and read a book. And then when the snow sticks, I'd take him out to the park and watch him prance. He love the snow, I think. I know I love watching him in the snow, especially the time it got to 18 inches. That was a hoot because my dog is probably only 16 inches tall. You do the math. There was nothing better than watching him disappear in a snow bank, only to see him try to come out via a very clumsy doggie paddle.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Serious Assignment

This solitaire's not gonna play itself...


So the VP saunters by laughing, "I had ya, didn't I?! I told my wife what I did and she was like, 'Don't! You'll scare her!' Ha ha!" And I'm like, "Omigod, I know! It's kind of like when you find out she's screwing the gardener! Boy, will you be freaked!"


Okay, let's get one thing straight. I'm a goddamn temp. And a good one at that. I am so low on the totem pole I often get mistaken for a tent spike. So there you have it. Now check this out- I'm answering the VP guy's phone because his assistant is out and his assistant's assistant is at lunch. That's right- I am actually third in line to answer his phone. So I take down the message and e-mail it to him. Then when he comes back from lunch, I tell him, "Your wife called. She said she'd call you on your cell." He says, "I know".

2 seconds later he forwards back the e-mail to me and my "superviser". Turns out I wrote "Your wife will call you on her cell" as opposed to "your cell". Um, okay. So he just wanted to point out that I made an unimportant grammatical error. At the top of the message he says, "Why would she want me to call her on her cell?" Ha, ha. Or, could it be he really didn't get it? And since when did pointing out a temp's slight error become an important thing? My superviser couldn't care less so I called her and said, "What's his problem"? She was like, "Oh, he's just being wacky". I told her I quit. After tomorrow. Because seriously, get over yourself; I'm a temp.


The only thing that keeps me going today is knowing that my sister is taking me out to a phat dinner tonight. It's gonna be so choice. Totes awesome and type cool.

Aw. Poor Me.

So I was feeling a little sad about this job being over. The hours are long, the pay is nothing but the people are nice and I've gotten a lot done.

And then I went to pick up my paycheck from the other week. Um... what? Yeah, that "off the books" thing is nothing to sneer about. It's cool, though. Lynne sent me a job listing from craigslist that looks legit. The pay is awesome and the position totally describes me. I just need to learn massage.


The only tea in the pantry they have is decaf. Are you f@#king kidding me?

I Wanted a Souvenir

I finally got my laminated ID card with my photo on it. It's beautiful. It gets me in the building, the cafeteria and the office. Alas, since it looks like they hired someone, tomorrow will be my last day. Again. But due to company policy, they have to "destroy my card". And I've just started to get used to the feel of the cold plastic that allows me such sweet access.

My Dog

I am so mad at my dog right now. Not only did he wake me up with his SNORING last night (yes, you read that correctly), but when I woke up at the crack of dawn, he got up for a second, then looked back at the bed and, looking sheepish, crawled back in and fell back asleep while I got ready. Like, "When you are ready to take me out for a walk, let me know." You shitbag. Really, I'm just jealous.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rated R Version

As per request by L-Rose... this is not the family friendly version:


An artist's rendering of me at work:

Bill O'Reilly

Did anyone forget that not only is Bill O'Reilly a douchebag, but he's also the one who talked about his desire to scrub a woman with a "falafel" and wrote a "romantic crime thriller" called "Those Who Tresspass: A Novel of Murder and Television"? In it, there are two detectives- the good cop and the bad cop. The good cop is named Tom O'Malley. Really. The damsel in distress is a young Vassar grad (sorry Lynne) who has to make a choice. In the end, she goes with the good cop and here is an actual quote from the last page: "Out of confusion and chaos, Ashley Van Buren had found clarity and happiness. And, as she wrapped her slender arms around Tommy's thick neck, she hoped those new feelings would deepen and last forever." As O'Malley "was naked and at attention."

Is anyone else here picturing Bill O'Reilly naked and at attention now? Anyone? Just me? Regardless, research for this blog also brought me back to one of my favorite websites ever,
Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly. Check it out.

Uh Oh

Why, why did they just give me an email address here and so much trust? I'm not supposed to use it for personal matters but I can. How will I deal with this temptation? Oh that's right, knowing that they can monitor my emails will keep me in check. But still...


What would Jack Bauer do if he were a temp? Well, first of all the show would have to be called 10 instead of 24 because that's how many hours I work, so right off the bat the stakes are higher due to the major time crunch. Yeah, tell Jack Bauer to sit and do nothing... I don't think so. Jack Bauer would find something to do. It might even involve a helicopter rescue at the end of the long work day. Jack Bauer doesn't take subways unless there is a potential terrorist on it.

I've already figured out how to hack into my email account, but that makes me more MacGyver or Matthew Broderick in War Games. I'm sure Jack would realize that someone in the office was secretly working for Citibank or something, then he'd take them to the copy room and torture them. Oh, man, let me please find a traiter in the office. For now I can only search for an interesting website that is not firewalled.


If you're like me, and I know I am, you would have to take the F to the A to the 2 every morning to go to work. And if you are planning on doing that today, which I was, you should know that due to an earlier incident on at High street, the A train is running on the F line to West 4th. So I had to take 4 trains to work today, was 10 minutes late, and it turns out it didn't matter because I'm in a bullshit job with no responsibilities. By the time any of you reads this the A train will be running on a normal schedule. So, please disregard everything and enjoy your day.

Oh, and I just asked the girl who trained me who got promoted to executive assistant to bring me a cup of coffee a. because I'm not supposed to leave the desk and b. because I think it's fucking hilarious.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Self Diagnosis

No, MyElectronicMd.com, I do not have a history of rectal bleeding nor have I ingested bromide. It’s amazing what you’ll be diagnosed with when your doctor is a Dell. On a good note, the itching has subsided. On a bad note, I may have SIDS.


I don’t recommend taking Benadryl at work unless you have a roll out bed under your desk, but if you must I highly recommend their new quick dissolve strips.

Long story short, I have developed somewhat of a skin rash from god knows what, which just means my hands and feet are very itchy. At the recommendation of a doctor, I took some Benadryl. Now I’m just too tired to scratch. But the strips are delicious and the fact that my tongue went temporarily numb didn’t bother me.

If I can only figure out what it is that I’m allergic to. In an unrelated story, I just bought shoes and gloves made entirely out of poison ivy.

My Finger Hurts

“I’m a big important guy cuz I wear a suit and a red scarf over my trench coat and I’m too much of a big person to even say hi to the temp as she pushes the button for me blah blah blah…”

It’s going to be one of those days. But the weird thing is, everyone is really happy to see me. I guess the other girl “didn’t work out”. I won’t even go into that.

Oh hey, guess what? The only other “job” I had last time was to maintain the calendar I couldn’t access anyway. They fixed that snafu and now I don’t even have to not do that. Oh boy, lunch soon. I can taste the chick peas. Which will be good because I missed breakfast this morning and the last thing I had to eat was a way too spicy chicken wing at 12 AM washed down with several bottles of great wine. It’s a long story. But that’s just how I roll.

Guess Who

"So Tempy"
(To be sung to the tune of Eminem's "Without Me")

Guess who’s back, back again
Tempy’s back, tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back
Guess who's back...

I've created a monster,
Cuz nobody wants to see Katharine no more
They want Tempy
I'm chopped liver
Well if you want Tempy, I’ll turn on the switches
A little bit of me mixed with some blogging, bitches

You waited this long, couldn’t stay away
So I'm back, I'm online and got shit to say
I know that you wanted a temp, JP
Not a white-ass punk bitch fly MC

So the Agency won’t let me be
Or let me be me so let me see
They tried to shut me down, can’t gmail me
But it feels so empty without me

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
No one else can push that button, see
Cuz it feels so Tempy when you’re me

Yeah, this is not a job for three
I work alone; just let me be
I get paid, son, my shit ain’t free
Cuz it feels so Tempy when you’re me

Na na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na na
Na na na na


Friday, January 05, 2007


I'm almost done here. Awesome. The people here are really nice and I definitely would return to help out again. So until then, thanks to all you commenters for keeping me company this week. I will now resume with my regular ridiculously long e-mail exchanges. While watching Oprah.

In Other News

Luckily I do have work lined up for next week. Don't get too excited, it's just background work for a film BUT it's two days and they're paying me "special skills" rate as I will be ice skating. Probably for hours at a time. So get ready for some rock hard thighs. I also may have to go skating some time this week to practice my ability to stop which somehow is the only part of my skating training that escapes me. That and the toe-loop. Then again, I was seven.


Is it time to go yet?

I Have the Power

So I just spoke to the temp agency and they’re so thrilled with JP Morgan’s response to me they are considering me for a phat contract job at some other place that would actually utilize my skills other than button pushing. Except I don’t know PowerPoint. I really should learn that. I have to say this temping thing is kind of interesting. You get to meet a lot of new people, you never know what your next week will hold and there’s still the freedom of auditioning/being creative stuff. Anyone know PowerPoint? I’ll buy you dinner if you give me a private tutorial.

Oh And By The Way...

It's my last day! OMG, TGIF. I feel like I should meet the girls for martinis or something. And it's just as well... I figured out how to hack into my email account. Don't get too excited, I don't feel like I should use it, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I can.

Oh Brit

Oh and by the way, Britney Spears was reported as leaving a restaurant yesterday, drunk and mumbling, "I love myself. I love myself." Fucking awesome.

History Lesson

This rash of subway heroism, what with the teenager-saving and baby-delivering, has made me think of the Atlantic Avenue tunnel. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s a little known fact to many New Yorkers that there is an abandoned Long Island Rail Road tunnel beneath Atlantic Ave. that ran between Hicks and Boerum place until it was sealed in 1861. It’s also a little known fact that in the basement of Last Exit there is a tunnel leading to the tunnel, only separated by a simple brick wall. It also makes sense to me upon further inspection (thanks to Wikipedia) as the Last Exit has always been a bar, that because the tunnels were used during prohibition to grow mushrooms and hold whiskey stills, that the tunnels from the Last Exit basement were constructed for easy access to said bootlegged alcohol. For all we know they are still using said whiskey. That would explain why people get so positively drunk there; prohibition alcohol was notoriously too strong and often toxic.

But enough about my conspiracy theories, let’s get back to the tunnels.

Here’s some fun facts from Wikipedia:

“In March 1916, the FBI suspected German terrorists were making bombs in the tunnel, and broke through. They found nothing, installed an electric light, and resealed it. In the 1920s it was reportedly used for both mushroom growing and bootleg whiskey stills. In 1936, the New York City Police Department broke into it with jackhammers to look for the body of a hoodlum supposedly buried there. In 1941 it was again inspected by the federal Works Progress Administration to determine its structural strength. A few years later, it was once again opened, this time by the FBI, in an unsuccessful search for spies. During the late 1950s it was inspected by two rail historians, George Horn and Martin Schachne. It fell from public notice, but was located by an 18-year-old, Robert ‘Bob’ Diamond in 1981, who entered from a manhole at Atlantic and Court Street.”

That guy Bob does annual tours and no, I’ve never gone but yes, L-Rose I’ll let you know when the next one will be.

In an unrelated story, Monday may be my last day. Woo-hoo!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Getting Creative

Have you ever mixed low fat non dairy creamer into sugar free Swiss Miss hot chocolate? Really tasty.

The Pressure is On

I have my first real task- watching the Senior VP's phone while his secretary is out to lunch. Can I handle it? Is it getting hot in here or is it just my newfound hour-long responsibility? Do I even REMEMBER how to do work? Oh, man... where's that other girl when I need her help. Oh, my stars, I'm getting the vapors. Someone get me my cola with lemon. You can put a nip of vodka in there. And dim the lights, would you? There, that's better. Oh, my creamy thigh has peeked out from beneath my skirt. I'll put that thigh away.

Fast Food

Due to some errands I needed desperately to take care of I had to eat my lunch on the fly. If you are ever eating Aramark salad bar, I highly recommend the antipasto with some greek salad and chick peas thrown in. It's a bevy of protein and flavor. Hey, if anyone is interested in meeting me for lunch next week, that would be wonderful. Yes, it looks like they still haven't hired anyone so I will be here next week, but no longer than that as I am slowly getting carpal tunnel in my "pushing" finger and am going through serious MySpace withdrawal. On a good note, I am actually getting a lot of work done. I think this would be the ideal job to have at home, like Quinn does. All they'd need to do is figure out how to attach a remote control buzzer to my apartment.

Oh Boy

Could the news today get any stranger? A cat was issued a credit card, George Bush can now legally read all of our mail and a soap opera star pressed charges against a man for "forcibly attempting to exorcise the devil from him". I just don't know what to do about that.

In a related story, Pat Robertson is still an asshole.

Mon Dieu

In France they work from 10 AM - 5 PM with a three hour nap/wine paired lunch in between. They also have 4 months paid vacation. It's true, look it up. Well maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but they don't nearly work as hard as Americans do.

Speaking of working hard, it is definitely good for something. Because Glenn and Rachael worked hard to help my mom move books and Ed and Michael offered to work hard, my sister used her hard earned money to buy us a meal that worked it. Hard. Well, except Michael couldn't be there because he was hard at work at home molding one of America's future great minds. Might I say we missed you, but damn we had a good time. Glenn even dressed up (corduroys).

I must be getting old because I passed up a trip to the Zombie Hut afterwards. Or maybe that makes me wise. Who knows. Good morning, everyone.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Great Nap

Since no one can see me I can take 3 minute naps. I think I must have learned this in high school. In fact, I'm sure of it. I have an uncanny ear for footsteps approaching. I remember falling asleep a lot in High School. We had one substitute teacher named Mr. Walsh who covered all the classes voluntarily. He seriously wasn't on any payroll, he just showed up every day and subbed whenever they needed him. In between classes, he'd drink. He was always drunk and called the female Asian students "Peachblossom". He'd try to teach but never knew anything about the subjects and so all we did was sleep or pass notes.

Wow, I catually did something; I helped a visitor find someone in the office. Man, that wore me out. I may need another nap.

Always Do Your Research

As an actor, you often have to go over some hurdles to get places. Invariably when searching casting notices you have to be careful so as not to send your stuff out to a reality show in disguise or a low budget vampire themed soft core porn. Or worse yet- the religious shows.

I read a casting notice today for a new play that looked really good. After I did some research on the theatre company (their website was listed on the damn notice), here's what I found in the "about us" section:

"Diamikes Management Ministries was birth through by Divine Illumination! Having being exposed to the world of entertainment from the secular to the spiritual side, we saw the need to not only provide a forum for the emerging artist, but to foster both talents & gifts that had been given. DMM, is not about exploiting the talents of its artist, nor to capitalize on their gifts, rather it's designed to be the bridge between ones aspirations to dreams that becomes a reality"


I Love Chick Peas

Man, that Aramark salad I just made for myself was awesome. Yes Ed, I tossed it. It had chick peas, tofu and YES L-Rose, chicken. Why? Because I could.

It was cheap too. Although I think from now on I'm going to bring my lunch.

Oh, what's that? Have I done any work for this company today? Good question, thanks for asking. No. Did I do any work on my own personal projects? You bet your goddamn ass I did.

Nope, Still Nothing to Do

But I've read everything there is to read on the internet that's not forbidden. The mailroom guy keeps asking me about how to become an actor. He said, "If I go to HB Studios will I make connections?" I'm like, sure, you'll make connections wherever you go. The following the rest of the conversation:

Mail Room Guy: Yeah, I think I'll try and do it. I just need to lose some weight.

Me: Well, it doesn't really matter if you're not "fit" because there's all different looks, you know?

MRG: Yeah. Ohay, I'm gonna do it. I'm going to try to be an actor!

Bitchy Me: Okay. Do you have $1,000 for headshots?

MRG: What are headshots? Oh, wait, those things? That's expensive, no way.

Bitchy Me: Well, I'm glad that settles that.

Pat it Out

Okay, I just read that Pat Robertson said God spoke to him and told him that there would be a mass killing in 2007. If God is really choosing to speak to Pat Robertson that's another reason I'm not a christian. Because in the end if there is a God like they say there is, he should talk to someone awesome like Jon Stewart or Johnny Depp.

Also, at the end of the article (attached under the links section to the right of this blog), it alludes to another prediction Robertson made last year about devastating tsunamis in the US in 2006. When challened about the accuracy of that statement he cited serious rainfall in New England as proof that he was getting toasty with Deity-Transliteration.

Good Morning

Wow, I actually got sleep last night. I found that you mix 3 days of no sleep with some tylenol PM you're in for the night. That doesn't change the fact that I am still immensely bored. Oh look, our mailroom guy just arrived. He's the one who is always late and hung over and sleeps in the building lounge on his breaks. Color me jealous, that's how I want to roll here.

So far I've broken several of the "rules" that the girl who "trained" me gave. I ate at the desk, I've made and received personal calls and today I plan on doing my own work, which I have brought with me. Oh, wait- I forgot to feed the plant. Guess what? I'll probably forget again tomorrow. I'm also pretty sure "blogging" is forbidden in some handbook.

Oh well. I am neglecting one duty which the girl actually gave me: "Be sure to greet people and say hello when they walk in". Really? Really?!! Wow, I didn't know that. In my 30 years of immersion in American culture I have never grasped the simple concept of a morning greeting. No, really, show me how you do it. I want to learn from the master.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Um, Bye

Wow. I see where all those corporate bonuses are going. All the lazy bastards who rolled in at 10 or 11 have started to leave, and I'm stuck here 'till 6. Well I'll show them, tomorrow I'll do no work. Wait...

Boy Am I Bored

I made a quiz!

Take My Quiz on

Can you Ace my quiz?
Let's Find Out!

Phone List

Office Manager: Well, as promised, here's your updated phone list!

Me (in my head): Wow, seeing as how I have not answered a single phone today this will be really useful. Thanks to you and the tree for making this waste of a piece of paper. Excuse me while I turn it into an airplane so as to find some way in which to amuse myself.

At Least I'm Sure About the Chicken

Who's got the magic fingaaah?! It's me, it's me.

Okay, I'm officially losing my mind. That's what you get when you open doors all day with a button and forget to bring any personal work. But in the JP Morgan temp booklet (there is one), it states clearly that "no personal work should be done" and "if there's nothing to do call your superviser". I can't think of a more pathetic thing to do. Other than temping, that is.

The insanity also comes from the lack of sleep. It's been a rough few days what with my work schedule. The only saving grace I had today was lunch with my friend Gaia. We went to one of those salad places, and I got what I thought was the chicken and tofu, but the white blocks of food in question were too firm to be tofu and too bland to be cheese. The jury is still out. What's even worse is when I just started eating it and Gaia had to stop me to ask, "That doesn't look like tofu. Is it?" To which I responded, "Uh, I don't know..." and then kept eating. And you know what? I just don't care.


Okay, I got the Oreo Wafers again. Now that you know what to expect, they're not that bad. They're like chocolate communion wafers. Or, think Catholicism meets Lynne's dating preferences. That's joke's a real stretch. Yes Lynne, my arms hurt.


I've already read everything on the internet. Britney Spears collapsed in Vegas, Ford's still dead and I just now learned that Betty Ford is still alive. On a good note, I've gotten really good at this buzzer. People are entering and leaving the office without a hitch. Now if I can only convince them to pay me more.

This waking up at the crack of dawn thing is a bit hard, especially when the night before I went to bed at exactly the same time. My dog Jesse is having a hard time adapting too... I actually have to wake him up and when we go for a walk, he doesn't even have to really go. Luckily that'll give Lynne an extra surprise when she kindly walks him for me today.

I'm having lunch with Gaia today; turns out that a lot of folks work down here in the financial district, who knew. Tomorrow I may take a crack at meeting up with Ed. Since I missed New Years Day Ed with him yesterday, there might be a chance of some spilloff. And then I'd find a dick in my sandwich.


Hey guys, now you don't have to sign in to comment. Just so you know...


Me: Good Morning

New Girl Who Just Moved Here To Be With Her Fiancee and Has No Friends: Good morning. How was your New Years?

Me: Oh, good. Had to work, but it was fun. You?

NGWJMHTBWHFHNF: Oh, fine. My fiancee and his friends went out to a bunch of bars and then to eat and stuff. I just stayed home because I didn't want to be around drunk guys, you know?

Me: Uh... yeah. Drunk guys.

NGWJMHTBWHFHNF: Well, see you later. Oh!!! I figured out if I take the train at 7:50 I'm here by 8:20.

Me: That's great.

Case of the Tuesdays

Soooooooo tempy...

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