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Friday, December 29, 2006


What has two thumbs and whose only job in the world is to press a button to open the doors and keeps forgetting to do it? This gal.

On a good note, the buzz about the office is we'll be leaving at 3. That's pretty sweet.

I Was Hungry

Don't ever buy 100 calorie Oreo Thin Crisp Baked Chocolate Wafer Snacks. Ever.

What Jon Quinn is Missing

I have a lot of respect for office culture, don't get me wrong, it's just different. Jon Quinn's company may have a front desk receptionist, but he doesn't see her. And I've noticed that when one walks by front desk reception, one says something to cut the awkward, "Just walking by..." moment. Boyd knows what I'm talking about; usually a "hello" will suffice. So Jon, next time you find yourself in an office doing the "walk by", try one of these comments (I've heard these all today):

"Good Morning"
"Just me..."
" (nothing, just an understanding eye roll with a half smile)"
"Chilly in here"
"Holding up?"
"Want a coffee?"
"Watch out for this guy! (point enthusiastically to random co-worker)"

So Jon, that's one of the many things you are missing out on by having to work from home, alone, in your underwear. With access to Gmail. And Myspace.

You must be soooooooo jealous.

Second Half of the First Hour

Okay, stop everything. Did you hear that a massive polar ice shelf snapped off in Canada? There is an ice cube the size of 11,000 football fields floating around. What's even better is that scientists are saying things like, "Wow. We knew this would happen because of global warming... we... just didn't think it would happen for another hundred years or so." You know things are bad when scientists are visibly shaken. Oh boy. Seriously, check out the article on the link on the right.

Day 2

This morning I had to ask an 18 year old girl with a machine gun for directions. I got off on the wrong train exit at Wall Street and there she was with two other soldiers. I asked her because I wanted to see a 5 foot 2, 18 year old girl with a weapon and too-big helmet say, "I dunno". (Actually I was hoping she'd know) She was cute; picture Lynne in oversized fatigues. Wait, the girl was probably taller. Nevermind.

I arrived here early to find that no one had made coffee and then I realized that it was MY job.

I'll check in later...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Peed in a Cup

That's how my day started; I peed in a cup. It was for a drug test my parole officer ordered. No, it's not THAT kind of story, I'm just joking. I'm temping at a very important company, and research has found that the risk of sharing stock tips with competing firms increases when you shoot heroin.

Anyway, duties here are simple. Answering about 3 calls a day and NOT checking e-mail. That is forbidden. Hence, the blog. I better go, the girl who is "training" me will be coming back from lunch soon. Write again soon.

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