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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Big Deal

You guys... you guys! It's been a while. I know I've been spending a lot of time elsewhere and I'm sorry, my five readers, for not posting more. But I have some amazing news.

I'd like to preface this by saying most people will not consider this amazing. Notable, even. But for me, it's one of the most incredible things to happen, ever.

You guys.

I'm going to do a reading of a new musical with the guy who plays the referee in the Puppy Bowl.

The Puppy Bowl.

Ok, I know some of you have lofty "dreams" in this "world" but let's just say there's just some things that are important to me, ok? And that may or may not involve saying I met the guy who gets to do this with dogs all day long one day a year:

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