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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Happy Cabby NYC

First of all, for those who were asking (so nice of you!), yes, the mammogram was clear and everything is fine with Breasty - I can commence motorboating!

So last night I went to visit a dear friend of mine whose daughter is in the hospital, and as you can imagine it was pretty intense. Considering it had also been a very long day of running around, I was feeling pretty emotional by the time I left. Because it was late, I treated myself to a cab home, and was ready just to listen to my music and zone out. Well, Happy Cabby NYCâ„¢ had other things in mind.

I get into the cab, and do the obligatory in-charge sounding, "I'm going to Brooklyn" just to make it clear that he's taking me home even if he doesn't want to, (which invariably, cab drivers don't). But he turns and says, "Wherever you want! I want to make you happy. I am Happy Cabby NYC! Cabby with a 'y'. Google me!" Ok, I'll bite, I thought, as I pulled him up on my phone. Well, what do you know, there he is, all over the internets.

At first I was a bit hesitant to listen to him talk, but he was just so darn charming. He put on loud dance music and would turn it down to spout aphorisms like, "Peace and love" and "Keep smiling, stay happy, throw stress into the garbage", and "Happy Cabby", only to turn the music right back up. He even made his light turn into a flashy strobe during the intense parts of songs. What started out as an emotionally draining day turned into a fun, relaxing night. I wish I had gotten it all on video, but here's a snippet:


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