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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Master Cleanse

I had a very interesting conversation today with a woman who you may know from one of the weirdest commercials running today. And when I say running, I mean running non-stop. It's for Phillips Colon Health and... I'll just let you watch below. Anyway, the woman in it is with my agency, so I see her all the time at auditions and I've never talked to her about the commercial. But every time I see it, I get really happy for her. It's weird, I know. Maybe it gives me hope that someday I, too, can talk about my gas and bloating on national TV to the tune of a gigantic residual paycheck every time it runs.

So I saw her at an audition today, and I finally told her that I was really happy for her. She immediately "got it", if you will. She thanked me for saying it and told me that when she speaks to kids in schools about acting (she volunteers at schools in lower income neighborhoods), she tells them how important it is to support everyone around you in your profession, and to be happy for your friends when they get jobs, even if you were "up for the part". And it's true - we all have to stick together. It's easy to want to be jealous when you see someone on TV making bank, but in my experience, if they're a friend, I'm happy for them. It gives me hope that actors get work. It was really emotional talking to her, actually. Who knew that I'd get a ray of sunshine in my day with the Phillips Colon Health Lady (and you know that's what people call her). But guess what? She doesn't mind.


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