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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two And A Half One Girls Broke

Because my sister has a new baby-person I spent the night at her place to sleep on her couch and listen for when he woke up just to say, "Need help?" before I passed out again. Kidding, the baby and I had some hang time the first few hours while my sister actually slept, and the rest of the night he barely woke up. This means for those few hours I was awake with him, I watched TV shows I never thought I'd watch. Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, and 1 Broken Sad Man AKA The Roast of Charlie Sheen. Honestly, it was very educational, and by educational I mean terrible.

Two and a Half Men, which I have never seen, now stars Ashton Kutcher and it was awful. I heard it was awful before, so that means it's doing just fine. 2 Broke Girls was predictable and trite, but Kat Dennings is always awesome, and because it takes place in Brooklyn, it will be a smash hit. I love how the Hollywood producer types don't get that Williamsburg is now too expensive to be broke in, and apartments in NY still aren't the size of those on Friends, but I'm telling you, it's gonna go places. And the Roast of Charlie Sheen was, well, funny and sad. How many jokes can one make about getting your kids taken away from you until it's clear that your kids were taken away from you? HahhahahahAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I got some sleep, not that much, but who cares, really. Now I can finally say I've seen those shows, so the next time I'm at a watercooler with people who watch primetime TV that's not The Daily Show, I'll have something to talk about. Now, to find those people.


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