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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Interesting Piece

Well, it's 9 to the 11 up in this city and everyone's buzzing about it. There's going to be a big memorial event on Sunday, and already there's infighting. Who's going to sit where, why aren't the first responders invited, the attack was an inside job, etc. I try hard not to read too much about it but every now and again you can't help but stop to look at a photograph or watch a news story. That being said, my hero Pat Kiernan from NY1 news posted what he thought was the best coverage of that day, a New York Times's audio piece. This is an interesting way to look back 10 years later. It's a collection of recently released audio files of calls from the planes, air traffic control, and emergency dispatchers. It's also the most fascinatingly user friendly thing I've ever seen the New York Times do. If you have the interest, check it out here. If not, I don't blame you (I couldn't listen for more than a minute). But I have to give the New York Times props for putting it together.


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