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Friday, September 16, 2011


Well it's been a little crazy in Tempy land because a few days ago my sister birthed a baby friend! He's perfect and amazing and he loves me, so that also makes him smart. In other news...

I had two auditions today and one of them was for a place called "Big Lots". I had actually never heard of "Big Lots" because I live in a city. Apparently Big Lots is like WalMart, but cheaper. Sign me up! So I was nervous about auditioning for this because they warned us that "we had to be comfortable wearing a costume". Um, ok, aren't actors usually going to be in a costume? Then I get to the audition and we get a piece of paper that says, and I'm not paraphrasing, "Hello there! You are a giant orange exclamation point." They wanted me to improvise and the woman asks me, "What are you doing on your holidays?" (I had to assume the exclamation point is Jewish because the only holidays coming up that I know of are Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur, but whatever). So I talked about how I had to visit my brother semi colon and his annoying wife, question mark. Yes. Yes I said that.

When I bartended, we had nicknames for customers (that they weren't aware of), and my favorite from back in the day was, "Semi-Colon". We called a man this because he always started talking to you as if you were already in the middle of a sentence. Like, I'd walk by him and he'd just go, "And then he asked me to go outside. I was all... go outside? I didn't even..." then you'd walk away and walk back and he'd go, "Really, really great. Isn't that funny?"

Related, I get back to the office and I'm catching up with all my favorite blogs when I see a post from my favorite site Dlisted and it makes a reference to Big Lots. Consider all of us more informed.


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