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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Stalker Cookies

Last week my boss asked me to make her home number unlisted. You see, she's not "famous", but she's known in certain circles and is on a TV show, so occasionally she gets attention from the crazies. I still have the fan letter where someone mailed her their shaved mustache hair - this is true. So I just assumed she'd tell me about whatever happened if she felt like it, and got the number unlisted. Today she comes in and there's a delivery on her desk. I open it after pretending to listen for ticking and sniffing the folds of the paper (we have a really funny running anthrax joke here when she gets packages), and it was a tin of Mrs. Fields cookies from... the stranger who called her at home the other night after getting her number from the phone book.

This person who called, a random woman, didn't mean any harm. She was just looking for stock tips. Really. And my boss was obviously put off by it enough that she wanted her number unlisted. And then she gets a box of cookies. I said to her, "How do you expect to get cookies now that you're unlisted?"

The cookies are in the kitchen, and this afternoon a co-worker came out with a cookie in her hand. She asked, "Where did the cookies come from?" I waited until after she took a big bite before I said, "[Bosslady's] stalker." Hahhahahha. But seriously, they're delicious.


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