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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Graffiti, Scotland, and Magics

My neighborhood has a wonderful graffiti artist. When I say graffiti artist, I don't mean the kind that tags up their names or other various artsy depictions. I'm talking about commentary graffiti. The one in my subway station is usually pretty funny. This is what I saw today:

But on to bigger things. I'm going to Scotland in 2 weeks! I'll only be there for a short period of time, and I will be back for the birthday of a very important man who may or may not be getting the best birthday present ever (twiiiiins!), but it's going to be a blast. I'm getting a chance to see some old friends, and I'm super excited to re-visit the newly renovated Whisky Museum, which is aptly titled The Scotch Whisky Experience. When I went back in 1996, it was a very old and creaky Mr. Toad's Wild Ride kind of train, but instead of a train you rode in a large whisky barrel while dusty anamatronic "people" twisted back and forth in an oversized diorama showing how whisky and scotch are made. Honestly, I was just in it for the free tasting at the end. Now that I'm a more refined lady, I'm really excited to see what they've done with the place. Let's check out their new video, shall we?

Holy crap! That looks like what Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium would look like had I actually seen the movie! Magic indeed. Slainte!


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