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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What In The Propaganda Hell?

This morning I saw this ad on the train:

You go with that badass programming, National Geographic Channel. From the network that brought us Dog Whisperer, Inmate Uprising and the ever-inspiring Paddle Fish Hatchery, I have to wonder where they're going with this, a week before the 10 year anniversary no less. The network whose tagline is: "Inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888" sure is making me want to change it to: "Giving Attention To People Who Decidedly Lack The Skills To Pay Attention, Since Sunday, August 28th, 2011 at 10pm".

So my question to you is this: What is George Bush thinking about in that photo?

Blueberry pancakes. I know this as fact. If anyone's got an "I have a hankering for blueberry pancakes" face, it's this guy, hands down.

But seriously folks, I get that the channel may want to do a "retrospective", however the wounds are still a bit fresh here. The thing that bothers me personally is when politicians use 9/11 for their own political advantage, and this happened a lot after the attacks. I don't know what President Bush is trying to achieve with this strangely timed interview, but I'm going to guess it's his last ditch attempt to make him look like he did something amazing when he acted like a leader for ten minutes that one time. To get an idea of how much we New Yorkers don't like getting our dick pulled on this difficult issue, check out this insightful article. It's very interesting, even though it took me a second to get over the fact that the reporter's name, Anemona Hartocollis, sounds like something Pfizer would make to treat iron deficiency. That being said, no, I won't be watching this interview. Sundays are my time to watch To Catch A Predator marathons on MSNBC thankyouverymuch.


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