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Friday, August 12, 2011

Too Big To Fail

A few years ago I paid off all of my debts and started saving money. I guess that makes me un-American. Ba-dum-bum! But seriously, folks, I'm starting to feel like a chump. I see people (and corporations) getting away with spending like children with Monopoly money and then just getting bailed out. Case in point - a woman who runs a preschool my friend's daughter attends is filing for bankruptcy for the school. Why? The woman, in her 30's, is a spoiled brat who just stole all the money and is now getting drunk in Barbados with her girlfriends, and is sending emails to the parents all like, "Whoopsie!" Meanwhile her father, who is loaded, is then bailing her out.

I'm telling girls in their 20's that this is the way to go: marry rich. Just do it. Sign a pre-nup with the clause "if he cheats" as the only loophole to get all the money. Then hire a private detective. DONE.

Yeah, yeah, you can talk all you want about morals and values, but if a sweet atheist like me who doesn't break any laws and is fiscally responsible keeps getting told by conservative bible thumpers that my lifestyle is ruining America, then call me what you want. It's too late for me to marry an old geezer with money - I'm happily in a relationship with a great man (cue violins and barf gestures) - but young 20 somethings, SAVE YOURSELVES.


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