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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ceiling Eyes Has Some Competition

Well hello there young Americans! I'm back, refreshed after a day at the beach and ready to party. TEA PARTY THAT IS!!! No, not really. If I were a member of any non-traditional new political party it would definitely be the "Martini Party" but that's neither here nor there.

On that note, batshit crazy eyes Michele Bachmann is running for president, and I'm pretty sure the most excited person right now is SNL's Kristen Wiig, not that she needs any job security. Can you tell which is which?

Exactly. In other news, here's an actual quote from our future Republican presidential candidate (don't be surprised if she is):

"Normalization [of gayness] through desensitization. Very effective way to do this with a bunch of second graders is take a picture of 'The Lion King' for instance, and a teacher might say, 'Do you know that the music for this movie was written by a gay man?' The message is: 'I'm better at what I do, because I'm gay.'"

That is totally what the message of the Lion King is! This is why I, as a straight woman, don't write songs and marry gay men. This is exactly why!

In other other news, Palin was spotted drunk on Miller, kicking a moose and wailing in the back woods of Alaska today.


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