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Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Friday

It's a beautiful day to have someone else do my laundry! I'm having such an interesting week, I don't really know where to start. Oh, I have an idea - Tuesday, accidental drinks with Steve Buschemi's brother. He was introduced to me at a gathering that our show's manager throws every month and she's all, "Here's one of my clients, So-and-So" and I'm thinking, wow, if Steve Buschemi were older and had crazier hair he'd be... this guy standing in front of me. Turns out he lives near my neighborhood so we talked about Brooklyn and food and not his teeth. NOT HIS TEETH.

Wednesday I had a group session with a sexologist. Not like that, you pervs! She's going to be a guest on our show so we met with her, and we ended up having a fascinating conversation about sex and relationships. She's a very interesting person because she's from Iran and specializes in teaching women about their sexual pleasure. Surprisingly, she's not as welcome in Iran, but then again, her brand of teaching hasn't been welcomed in many places. I could have listened to her talk all day about her life, but we eventually started talking about the good stuff - I mean, she wrote a book called "Orgasm". (I know most of you thought I wrote that book!) It was fascinating to hear her thoughts about the mind-body connection, and what makes a good relationship. On of my friends/cast mates was open enough to talk about her last relationship where the sex was "mind-blowing" but the relationship was so co-dependent, suffocating and unhealthy that she spent half the time being euphoric and the other half utterly miserable. Her problem now is learning how to be in a functional relationship where she can take care of herself and be her own person, while still co-existing with another fully formed individual, and have great sex. And, I might add, she's doing very well with her new man. So that night was rather interesting. Then we braided each others hair and talked about Justin Bieber!

Yesterday I got to spend some quality time with my friend who was stuck in the hospital for yet another annoying complication with his health. He's doing so much better now and he looks great. I'd like to credit his speedy recovery to the US Weekly I bought him, but I'm pretty sure it was the team of doctors and antibiotics that did the trick. Luckily he goes home today.

So I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday. As for me, I'm ordering pizza. Because why the fuck not?


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