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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Jenn Dodd is Funny

I'd like to give a shout out to a funny lady by the name of Jenn Dodd. Jenn first came across my radar when she did a hilarious video depicting Anthony Weiner as a teenager.

Now Jenn has teamed up with Funny Not Slutty, and with her bang-on impersonation of easy-target Victoria Jackson, she created web videos in a series that imagines Victoria Jackson is running for President.

But here's the best part - Victoria Jackson found out about it and wrote a very personal response of her own. Before you read it, I just want to be sure everyone is aware of what is so funny, or not funny, about Victoria Jackson these days.

Since her reign on SNL she disappeared for a while, and then reappeared, how shall we say... nuttier than a batshit crazy rat rolling in the feces of Donald Trump's wig lice and Glenn Beck's chalk dust. She's nuts. I say this not because she's conservative. I know many conservative and republican people whose opinions I respect completely. But Victoria Jackson is, well, different. Here's some examples of a few of her latest quotes:

“I notice there are mostly white people here. I wonder why there aren't more Cubans, and Venezuelans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians, Egyptians, Africans, Pakistanis, Chinese and Colombians. Didn't they come here to escape dictatorships and corrupt governments? Why aren't they worried about this 'fundamental transformation' that is making our country look like the one they left? Maybe they don't speak English so they don't watch Glenn Beck.”

"This new al-Qaida magazine for women has beauty tips and suicide-bomber tips! Gimme a break! That is as ridiculous as two men kissing on the mouth! And I don't care what is politically correct. Everyone knows that two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an 'alternate lifestyle'! There I said it! Ridiculous!"

"I was wondering what real doctors think of ObamaCare, not the fake doctors Obama rigged for his photo shoot, but real ones. Now someone bring me more helium*!"
*she didn't say that last sentence but everything else is true

So when Victoria Jackson got wind that someone was doing an impersonation of her, she decided to respond. And respond she did. Now, Victoria Jackson recognizes that Jenn Dodd is one funny lady. She also admits that she will try to get her a job at SNL (?) so... that's great for Jenn. What is not great for Jenn, she warns, is:

"Jenn will have to give her check to Obama, and he will divide it up and give it to whomever he wants (like he's doing with Obamacare waivers and TARP funds). Because we are all 'equal,' Jenn Dodd will get maybe $1,000, and the drug addict next door who stares at his belly button all day will get $1,000, and the drama teacher who said she'd never make it will get $1,000, and a whole bunch of strangers will each get $1,000 of her check."

For the entire response, click here.

Congratulations to Jenn Dodd for making an important point through comedy, and quite possibly getting a job out of the process. And thanks to Victoria Jackson, who reminded me that... well... scarves will never go out of style. NEVER!


At 11:24 AM, Blogger Jonah said...

"where the honeysuckle and lilacs drip over the stone walls and thick ivy embraces the 200-year-old farmhouse with the huge colonial fireplace and the red barn poses poetically, near her quarter horses that graze languidly in the swaying dandelions..."

i want to go to there.

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Tempy said...

Sounds amazing, right?


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