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Friday, May 13, 2011

Feral Patients

I was at the doctor way early this morning to avenge the doings of the Tit Waffle Machine (spoiler alert: the Tit Waffle Machine won), and I was in the waiting room with about 5 other people. It was 7:45, the office was on the Upper East Side, and it seemed everyone had a case of the cranks. So this woman walks up to the receptionist and hands her the prescription, and the receptionist asks her to take a seat. Well, apparently this woman has never been to a doctor's office before, because she informed the receptionist that SHE has an appointment. The receptionist gave her a sharp, "Everyone here has an appointment." At this point the collective energy of the other people waiting converged into one big massive hate on this woman. We had a reason to bond. So the 45 year old Doctor's Office Virgin then says, "But my appointment is for now." Oh DAMN! Yes, we were ready for an all-out rumble. I, the other woman my age, the 80 year old, the 20-something hispter boy with unfortunately large hips and the middle aged Indian man were about to POUNCE. Luckily we all know that most receptionists in the medical field have passive aggressive bitch blood rushing through their veins (also found in flight attendants who man the desks at airport gates), and she put that woman down with another, "Have a seat." The woman sat. We all eased into our chairs, and went back to resenting each others' presences for no logical reason.


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