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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Man Baby

I would just like to say that I respect sexual fetishes, and I understand that everyone has their own thing. But I can't really get this desire to be an adult baby, when it's NOT sexual. Hear me out - there's this guy who likes to be an adult baby. Ok, fine. He's found someone who wants to act like his mom. To each their own; I know tons of people in co-dependent relationships. But for him it's not sexual, it's a mode of comfort. Ok, I'm still with them. In the Adult Baby's own words, it's a way to "blow off some steam" after a "tough day's work". But here's where I'm lost - he doesn't even work. He just likes to drink from a bottle all day and play with toys. So really, the only difference between he and the Man Children I have talked about in the past, is that he's honest about wanting to be taken care of. Actually, I'm gonna go ahead and say more power to him.

Warning: only watch the video if you'd like your jaw to get a little loose and possibly open for at least an hour.


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