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Friday, July 20, 2012

Exciting Stuff

Hey everybody! I just got back from an amazing vacation, and those of you who follow me on the social networks know that I spared all of you from glorious vacation photos. I consider that a Facebook/Twitter dick-move so, you're welcome. There's nothing worse than being at work or in the hot-as-balls NY heat when one of your "friends" posts a litany of pictures of them with a drink on the beach. It's kind of the old fashioned thing where you go to a friends house for dinner, and they whip out a 500 count vacation slideshow. No one wants that. If, however, you'd like to see the few pics I did take, feel free to come over and look through my phone; they're marvelous.

And there's some good news all around! My dear friend Jonah is doing quite well. My boyfriend and I even heard his voice on an episode of our new favorite show Archer while watching season 3, and it was like he was in bed with us. Then things got freaky.

Big news too: You can now buy my romance novel, The Boy in the Basement, on Kindle or in paperback on Amazon! It's super exciting for me because it coincides with a trip I'm taking later in the month to Boulder, Colorado to actually see the play based on the book for the first time as an audience member. This awesome theater company is putting it on and since I hear Boulder is amazing, I though, f@#k it, let's go.

And finally, please watch the latest from the wonderful Sarah Silverman:


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