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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I'm Scared Of You. Let's Date.

If you live in New York and take the train, you've likely seen the ads for a new dating site called BadIdea Badoo. The models cast as actual "people" are strange enough, but it's the quotes on the posters of said people's "profiles" that are even more bizarre. Here's the one I saw on the train this morning. I apologize for the blurriness; I'll translate below.

"I want to make sweet music. Try to imagine me beat boxing as you read this. Not because I'm a rapper. Or I can beatbox. But because I'm currently eating a burger. And you'll be able to catch crumbs in your mouth like a baby bird. Don't mention it. I'm just that kind of lady. Hello new people."

What the f@#kity f@#k? So many things about this bother me, but mostly it's because for the rest of the day I'll be stuck with the image of a woman eating a hamburger over a bird-man who is eating her crumb droppings. Anyone else? Anyone? Just me? Here, I'll help. Good luck getting this image out of your head.


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