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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vacation Time

Well, even though I'm the only one at work, it's actually great because I got a lot of personal work done. Plus, I can almost taste the salty air of Atlantic City, which is where my boyfriend and I are going in a few weeks for an extended stay at one of their fine casino suites. It'll be like the real life version of the Hangover, except there'll be just two of us, no one will go missing, and a tiger will likely not be involved (but one can hope!) Seriously, this place has one of those hot tubs that fit people. Not one person - people. Let's just hope Ashton Kutcher isn't staying nearby. We all know about him and those hot tubs, and as far as I know, my boyfriend may have a man crush on him. 2 and a half men, indeed.

And now, a dog who loves guitar.


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