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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2Getha 4Eva

In this article I read on the train this morning, the reporter "interviewed" today's Ken doll. In case you missed it, a few years back, Ken and Barbie split up - it was such hard hitting news, even FOX covered it. Now they're back together!

These are excerpts from the actual interview.

Ken's Tips on How To Get Your Doll

Shower her with compliments
I know my doll always dresses like she’s ready to strut down a runway, so why does she need me to tell her she looks good? Seriously, she needs to hear it, and she needs to hear it often. Compliment her hair, her shoes — even her handbag.

Clean up your man-cave
Dude, you have to get your bachelor pad in order. Give her the impression that you don’t need a doll to take care of you (even if you do). Transform your man-cave into a love lounge.

Make a grand gesture
You have to pony up some hard-earned play money to impress your doll. When it comes to my doll, I know I have to think outside the toy box. I’m not saying light up Times Square, but you get the idea.

Dress for success
As you know, my doll is into fashion — shocker! I can’t show up to a premiere or fashion show looking like I’m ready for a pick-up game at the gym. Man up, guys, it’s time to check it or chuck it. If it has holes, is from another decade or she just plain hates it, chuck it. You don’t want your doll to cringe when your mug shows up on Facebook.

I'd like to point out that while this is very sweet, it is also coming from the great (and also real) Earring Magic Ken Doll, Mattell's fastest selling Ken Doll to date. I wonder why.


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