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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Show

I saw an amazing show last night - comedian Mike Birbiglia's one man piece, "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend". I highly recommend it. It's a perfect little performance. The thing about Mike Birbiglia is that he has the amazing ability to tell personal stories that make you cringe and laugh and cry all at the same time. As someone who recently did a one-person show where I shared personal stories, I will tell you right now, it is terrifying, even when it goes well. It kind of feels like if you are actually naked in front of an audience, and even if the audience likes your body, doesn't matter - you're still naked. Let's just say I could never be a stripper.

No, actually, I probably could. Because the difference is when you tell personal stories to strangers you're stripping emotionally, whereas I can easily take my clothes off anywhere if the right Missy Elliot song is on and I don't have to talk about my childhood. Anyway, I still have a lot to learn about performing solo, and Mike Birbiglia makes it look so easy. This is because he has been working at his craft for so long, and it shows. Birbiglia created a genuinely entertaining seamless story. So, yeah. See the show.

And in other comedy news, I will be seeing the amazing comedian Jordan Carlos (clip below) perform tonight. He's great, and the line-up of the whole show is awesome. So if you're free and not afraid of the snow, you should go.


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