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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Biebs

Justin Bieber, besides having absolutely perfect skin (made by angels, silk fairies and the Charmin bear), has a very special hair style. It is so special, that it could not be changed, even when he was "playing" a "character" on Law & Order.

Well I hope you've digested your breakfast because... Justin Bieber changed his hair a bit. Or maybe he didn't. If you ask me, it's just a bit mussed up (see pics below). But if you asked the teenage Tweeters of America yesterday, they had a different reaction. Mind you, these are unedited. Feel free to cry into your old grammar textbook at your leisure.

@OhMyitsBeliebe: “when i see Justin Bieber new Hair i was Shocked i really was cant Believe that happened :P ,but now i Seriously Love it”

@jbiebers0shawty: “justin bieber’s hair was cuter before...”.

@bieberlovingox: “Justin Bieber didn’t cut hes hair. he flipped it to the other side. :) and it makes him hotter. ;).”


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