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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Dog

So yesterday was a pretty horrible day- we spent most of the day at the vet and my dog officially has dual laryngeal paralysis. It's fancy words for he can't breathe right anymore. The only way to fix it is with crazy surgery that has a lot of risks before, during and after. So after much consultation with my sister, my best friend, a priest, and a very important visit later in the day from my upstairs neighbor whose dog had the same thing, I think I'm leaning towards not getting the surgery. So basically my dog has a DNR. I'd rather he live out the rest of his days or months on anti-inflammatory drugs and super sexy sedatives. Which personally, is how I'd like to go.

This is him when we brought him back home, sacked out on the couch, high as a kite.

It's his couch, I'm just living near it.


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