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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Overheard on the Train

This conversation just happened between the N, R, and Q line. (For those of you not familiar with the subway, it's the yellow subway line that gets me to my day job):

N Train: S'up?

R Train: S'up.

N Train: So here's the dilly- there's a broken rail up ahead so all N, R, W trains have to terminate at 42nd street. We cool?

R Train: Cool.

Q Train: Hey guys, *chugga chugga* whatchya talking about?

N Train: Q, what are you doing? We have to terminate at 42nd street. I just made everyone get off!

Q Train: F@#k that noise, I'm headed to 57th street. The broken rail is after that.

R Train: For serial?

Q Train: For realsies.

N Train: Okay, but should we tell the people on the platform?

Q Train: Fine, fine.

(cut to 57th street)

R Train: Hey guys, now that we're at 57th street and everyone got off and are thoroughly confused, there's something I want to say.

Q Train: What?

R Train: Let's wait another 5 minutes. I love a crowded platform.

Q Train: Okay.

R Train: So get this... I didn't hear anything about a broken rail, so my ass is going all the way to Queens and finishing the line as we all are actually capable of doing! Crazy, eh?

Q Train: AW! You totally got us!

N Train: SNAP!

R Train: I don't know what you f@#kwads heard but we're back on TRACK so to speak. HAHHAHAH!

Q Train: I love a good mix up!

W Train: Hey guys, what are you doing?

N Train: The hell are you doing here? You got cancelled months ago.

W Train: I just... miss you guys.

Q Train: Oh, man, this just got awkward.


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