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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blind Items!!!

You GUYS it's BLIND ITEMS time! If you are unaware of this gossip phenomenon, it's pretty simple. A tabloid prints or posts these juicy gossip stories, but they don't outright say who it is, so you have to guess!

But we can rag on celebrities all day, which is why I'm bringing you the first ever (here):

Political Blind Items!

Give us your best guess!

1. Which B+ list Governor who likes to travel is still going on trips even though he told everyone he has stopped? Luckily his wife knows about his little journeys and took a hike herself!

2. This wife of an aging B list who was once an A list Senator keeps nagging him about the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, so much so that she made a video opposing it! Hope he gets a chance to ask!

3. Which A++ politician has a lot on his mind, especially the smoking hot battle between North and South Korea? Let's just say that's not the only thing that's smoking these days near his house!


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