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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sprain Strain

So check out THIS craziness- during my show on Monday night I miscalculated a step in my boots, and long story short after two days of, "Well, it's not swollen but it sure doesn't feel right..." I went to the orthopedist and guess what- I have a sprained ankle. Now, that's not at all a big deal considering it's one of the most common accidents in New York right next to "I don't know how that Coke bottle got there, doctor." (I did say New York), but it does mean I have to wear a little air cast. My dog and I are gonna take prescription strength Aleve tonight and have a pity party- you should totally join us. Although he'll also be on steroids and doggie klinopin.

Ladies and gentlemen, my Aircast.


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