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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Catwalk

At Boot Camp the other day, we were working out in this big park when some guy walks onto the other side of the field, and on his shoulder is a cat. At first, from afar, it looked like he was walking his cat. Like, on a leash. Then upon further inspection, it turns out he was exercising his cat.

Wait... what?

Let me explain. He would take his cat on one side of the park (no leash) and set it down. The cat would then run clear across the park and stop when it hit the wall. The guy would run after the cat, pick it up, then walk back to the starting point and do it again. I can't really remember any of the workouts we did as it was fascinating. This went on for like, 15 minutes.

No, it wasn't one of these boys.


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