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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shhhhh Secret

I just got this in my inbox:

7. Differentiation Tactics That Make All Of Your Competition Minor League And YOU The Only And Obvious Choice. How to identify an agents and casting director's biggest problem and concerns... and how you can give a solution and exceed his expectations.

6. Foolproof tips on Grabbing Industry Professional's Full Attention, without which no one will read your copy. Your prospects are busy, distracted people. Get their attention in 7 seconds or less – or they are gone. You will learn exactly how to literally FORCE them to read your every word...

5. Discover jaw-dropping techniques to build immediate credibility and rapport so that agents, casting directors, managers, producers and other industry professionals will believe in you from the first few seconds - it's nothing short of transformational!

4. I will expose the power and precise design of the perfect business card. A card that clearly motivates an agent, casting director or any industry prosfessional to want to know more about what it is you can do for them

3. The Ultimate Secret to a "Killer" headshot that to my knowledge has NEVER been revealed to a live audience before... a true world first! Discover the mistakes most actors make that are literally costing them thousands of dollars

2. How to create websites so that YOUR success is virtually guaranteed enabling you to have the unfair advantage over your competitors

1. A whole new approach to finilazing your cover letters that assures they attract so much attention the reader is practically compelled to call you

I look forward to seeing you at 'Acting Is A Business - Training Event'. I'm sure it will be the most enlightening and profitable event you have ever attended.

First of all, I don't trust that his secret is that awesome. And if he holds the key to some "never revealed" information about headshots and won't just tell us, then he's just a dick.

As an actor, I attend seminars, networking sessions and classes. Much like being a dentist, you have to constantly keep up with new things in the industry to be good at your craft. I am friends with a casting director who runs these, and most of these people aren't scam artists- they're just looking to help new talent, and invariably will bring you in to audition for stuff they are working on. As much as I make fun of actors, the majority I know are genuinely hard working and talented.

But then I see an email like this. From a man who purports himself to be the expert at "jaw dropping techniques" and "exposing a power". Sounds to me like he is more skilled at going through a thesaurus than at helping actors.

Now, I agree that acting is a business mastery. I hear a lot of people say they want to be actors because they were in a friend's thing once, and they thought it was fun. Well, it is fun. It's actually a stupid amount of fun (that's the secret). But the hard work it takes to get there gets minimized by scam artists like this who claim to have the one secret to the business. You know what the secret is? Hard work, passion and patience. It helps to sleep with the director, but that can be a personal preference.

The seminar is in 2 days so I wonder if he's desperate for people to sign up. Because I'll tell you, if this man is such a magician at getting people to notice people, maybe he wouldn't have a hard time filling up his own class. But the power and precise design on the opening graphics are exemplary.


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