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Friday, January 15, 2010

That Was Fun

So I pick the kids up, after making the highly inappropriate, "But I'm not allowed within 20 feet of a school" joke.

Here's some choice conversation pieces:

8 Year Old Girl: What's up with the Unicorn app?
Me: Oh, look, it can turn you into a unicorn!
8YOG: That's cool, but I'm really into Goth now.

8YOG: You can't drive?
Me: No. the only thing I've ever driven is a scooter.
8YOU: Why would anyone want to drive a motorcycle, get tattoos and not go to college? Those people are stupid.
Me: HEY! I've never had a tattoo.
8YOG: If you had a choice of dyeing or getting a tattoo, what would you get?
Me: Like a henna dye? Sure. I'd choose that over a tattoo.
8YOG: You'd die?
Me: What?
8YOG: You'd choose death over a tattoo?
Me: Oh, dying, not dyeing..
8YOG: Yeah, me too. I'd rather die than get a tattoo.

8YOG: That video is hysterical
8 Year Old Boy: It can't be hysterical. It can make you hysterical. You say, it is hilarious.
Me: Damn.


At 6:09 PM, Blogger Sweden said...

well its pretty obvious i rather get tattoos than die, or even dye lol


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