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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holy Crap

My friend is INSANE and he swam in freezing cold water recently.

My favorite part of this is on his blog, a friend watched this with her two kids and wrote down a transcript:

(calmly): “I think he just needs to take a rest in the water.”
(panicky): “Why isn’t he getting out of the water!!!”
(happily): “His mama gave him a towel!”
(sadly): “I didn’t get to see him dry off with a towel.”
(inquisitively): “Why did he go SMACK in the water?”
“He didn’t think the water was that much cold. He just kept sitting it. He broke the ice. Why did he break the ice?”
And the son….
“He broke the ice so he could get on the dock. He said it wasn’t much cold. He whacked the water.”
“Mama, why he whack the water?”
“Cuz he was playing fun.”

Whereas I'm all, "He smack the water because he full of crazy sauce."


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