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Monday, May 18, 2009

The Theatre

Last night I saw a production of Hamlet that my very talented friend is in. This is what I learned:

1. Hamlet makes the ladies cry
2. Don't piss Hamlet off
3. Hamlet's kind of nuts... or is he?

As for my first point, I have never seen a man with such a powerful effect on the female species since George Clooney took his shirt off that one time. These girls were really really sad! It all started when Hamlet had this nutty idea that he saw the ghost of his dad, and his dad said his brother, Hamlet's uncle, killed him so he could marry Hamlet's mom. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEW. Turns out, the ghost was right. But, (and mind you this household had worse family dynamics than any episode of The Surreal Life), once that piece of information came out, everyone went nuts, including Hamlet who was the nuttiest one of all. So his girlfriend/non girlfriend Ophelia is all, "I love you but you're crazy," and he told her to go to the nunnery and he made her cry! Then he killed her father by accident and his mom started to cry and Ophelia went bonkers! And then everyone started to die!

Sorry if I gave away the ending. It was a really good production but I have one thing to say to Hamlet if I ever saw him on the street, "To be. That is the answer. Unless you're seriously nuts in which case I say, ok, not to be."


At 7:44 AM, Blogger Jay said...

That was an awesome show. But only because of the knife fight.


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