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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Trip!

So there's this article in AMNY or Metro or one of those about why there are so many mail-order brides from Russia. Turns out there are way more women to men ratio there because of alcoholism and disease and whatnot, and as it turns out, there are way less losers in America. According to one blushing bride to be, "Men in America are different. They call you and ask you how your day is." Well, yeah. But I hope she knows that while he's calling you, it's probably because he's washing off the smell of other lady parts with a burrito. Kidding, that's totally gross. And there's a lot of good guys out there, who do nice things for you other than just call you. My boyfriend, for example, is treating me to a trip to Kentucky. It's a destination wedding. But seriously, I'm really excited. I've actually never been, I have some friends out there, and I'm looking forward to meeting his extended family, as mine consists of only two people. I consider myself very lucky to have him in my life, which is why I plan on blocking all the IP addresses on his computer for www.hotrussianbrideswhoappreciatesubparbehaviorfromyouinexchangeforablowjob.net.


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