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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Space

So I don't know if any of you remember the movie version of Little Shop of Horrors where they sing that song called Skid Row? Anyway, that neighborhood/sound stage they are singing in looks a lot like where we are rehearsing these days for my show. For some reason we got a "discount" (I swear the neighborhood sexual predators are subsidizing this) and now we have rehearsals in a basement on the corner of Shitville and Rapey Ave. The walk there is excruciating. If you are a New Yorker, I'll tell you where it is- it's on 41st street bet. 8th and 9th. But if you are not a New Yorker, here's an example- it's so ghetto that Google Street View didn't even bother going down that street. Or maybe they did, but a pimp busted up the van. I'm not joking- as were leaving at 9:30 the other night, we saw a hooker in a bathing suit and UNDERWEAR UNDER THE BATHING SUIT having a serious conversation with her pimp. About politics, of course.


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