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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Riding Fun

After taking the summer off, I am back to Booty Camp and boy are my legs tired. But not just because of the workout - I got to bike today, and let me say, it turned out to be a little more than I had bargained for. As I was getting ready I had one of those premonitions - "Be really really careful today." Not any other day, just today. So I decided not to take any hallucinogens before Boot Camp, and off I went.

The way there was fine. Save for the one time I tried to ring my bell at someone and ended up changing gears instead, overall it was a lovely experience. It's really just a 7 minute ride down a straight shoot of road that goes over a little bridge. Lovely.

But on the way back, the drawbridge was OPEN. Yes, for the first time since I've lived in this neighborhood, the little drawbridge over the Gowanus Canal was open, and there was construction. So now I had to navigate my little red bike all around an industrial area where I am very unfamiliar with the traffic patterns, plus there's a lot of big trucks on their way to make deliveries so I was caught in a sea of smog, honking and very little riding space.

I made it back okay (obvs) but seriously, my heart stopped a few times. And I learned two things: 1. No one gives a crap about bike lanes and 2. Big trucks have the right of way.


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