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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tempy Is A Punk Rocker (Not Really)

So as some of you know, I am singing on this guy's album that's coming out in a few weeks. If you buy one I get like, a penny, maybe - it's really exciting. The music is an electronica, pop, shoegaze, atmospheric, ambient, industrial, techno, organic, new wave kind of thing . Honestly, this album is like a Pet Shop Boy in a Depeche Mode shirt at the Galleria on his way to a Helmet concert circa 1989. If you're curious, here are some songs. The ones that are up so far that I'm on are Unreal Highs and Out of Sequence. There is no reason to listen to any others (kidding).

Ok, honestly the only reason I'm on this album is because the guy who is behind this project made me promise to be a PR whore when it came out if he let me sing on it. It's a lot better than being an actual whore, trust me.


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