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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guess Who

Going through a personal crisis?

Husband cheating on you... again?

Did that sex tape (re) surface?

Well fear not, ladies and gentlemen, for now you too can have what the stars do when they need to restore their tarnished image. Yes, it's a COOL SURPRISE SECRET BABY! With the Cool Surprise Secret Baby you can fight off any unwanted attention from that messy divorce or public drug battle. Just wait until the right time to bring out the Cool Surprise Secret Baby and all the attention will be guaranteed to be on it and the collected admiration towards your stance on adoption! Celebrities like Sandra Bullock shouldn't be the only ones who can revamp their brand with a secret baby. Now you too can have a little life changer of your own!

(New Feature: Nazi Affiliation-Proof!)

Ok, ok all joking aside, I really love Sandra Bullock. She's a class act, super talented, and I think her work in Miss Congeniality should have won her an Oscar and I'm not kidding about that. And really, she threw us all for a loop yesterday. Who can keep a secret like that?!? Sandra Bullock, that's who.


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