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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Change Of A Dress

Well, someone invited me to an event at Christie's next week and I quite literally have nothing to wear. This is one of those socialite things and my boss took pity on me because she bought a table for the benefit and asked me if I'd like to fill a leftover seat join her. The event is for another another co-worker's charity and this year they're honoring Katie Couric for Outstanding Braveness in On-Air Colonoscopies (they're not).

I'd like to go to H&M and just get a nice dress knock off, but I'm thinking maybe it's about time I just grow up and buy a real-person's dress, and wear it one night with the tags and return it like a regular grown-up.

In other news, this is my friend John doing stand-up a few years ago. His sister is in a show I'm doing this summer and I just love the both of them, so I'm trying to do my best to promote both their careers while shamelessly promoting mine.


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