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Thursday, March 25, 2010

IM Busy

What am I up to, you ask? From me and the girl who sits 4 feet away but who I IM all day with:

Her (2:47:24 PM): didn't newt gingrich promise to leave this country if hc reform passed?

Me (2:47:39 PM): no, Rush Limbaugh did

Her (2:47:42 PM): ah

Me (2:47:48 PM): still here tho

Her (2:47:49 PM): another a-hole i despise

Me (2:47:52 PM): hahahahha

Her (2:48:01 PM): yeah, i wish he'd leave and take newt with him

Me (2:48:09 PM): those 2 are sooooooooooo gay

Her (2:48:15 PM): ew

Me (2:48:17 PM): it's OBVIOUS

Her (2:48:20 PM): not a pretty mental picture

Me (2:48:22 PM): man love

Me (2:48:30 PM): "Man-date" get it? Mandate?

Her (2:48:36 PM): i don't like to think of them romantically invovlved with anyone

Me (2:48:37 PM): I made myself lol

Me (2:48:53 PM): newt's been divorced 76236762341676 times yet he's all family values

Her (2:49:12 PM): i can't believe what newt said comparing the passage of hc reform to the demise of the democrats with lyndon b johnson and civil rights

Her (2:49:21 PM): did you read that?

Me (2:49:24 PM): no

Her (2:49:25 PM): what a complete dick

Me (2:49:26 PM): blarf

Her (2:49:57 PM): he said that basically if the democrats pass hc reform it will destroy the party much like johnson hurt the democrats with civil rights

Her (2:50:22 PM): implying that johnson should not have passed civil rights act bc it hurt his party??

Me (2:50:51 PM): right

Her (2:50:59 PM): meanwhile before the passage obama is saying that its goign to be a tough fight and this may make elections difficult but there are few times a person can really make a big difference and make changes for the better and asking democrats to do the right thing

Me (2:51:03 PM): from an article about Gingrich:

Me (2:51:05 PM): Mr. Gingrich's marital history is a matter of public record, and it is not tidy. He first married at age 19, to his 26-year-old former high-school geometry teacher and then, so the story goes, presented her with divorce terms after she was wheeled out of cancer surgery.

Mrs. Gingrich #2 was dumped after her husband had carried on an extramarital affair with a fetching, blond congressional staffer named Callista Bisek, who went on to become the present Mrs. Gingrich #3. This Family Values paradigm was complicated by the fact that whilst Mr. Gingrich was filibustering Ms. Bisek over the Speaker's desk, he was simultaneously leading the impeachment charge against a naughty president of the United States.

Her (2:51:07 PM): what is right for the country adn not for the party

Her (2:56:36 PM): ru busy?

Me (2:56:45 PM): will be soon why

Her (2:56:55 PM): oh, nm

Me (2:57:01 PM): what

Me (2:57:05 PM): I can multitask

Her (2:57:05 PM): wanted to see if u could play a quick game

Me (2:57:09 PM): yes I can

Her (2:57:09 PM): i'm soooooooo sleepy

Me (2:57:11 PM): k

Her (2:57:13 PM): ok i'll start one

Me (2:57:15 PM): there's cookies

Her (2:57:33 PM): how does that help me stay awake, are they laced with anything good?

Me (2:57:42 PM): SUGAR

Her (2:57:57 PM): nah, sugar don't cut it

Her (2:58:26 PM): ugo

Me (3:02:22 PM): ugo

Her (3:05:35 PM): ugo

Me (3:07:14 PM): ugo

Her (3:08:23 PM): ugo

Me (3:09:59 PM): ugo

Her (3:11:23 PM): ugo

Me (3:13:28 PM): ugo

Her (3:14:28 PM): ugo

Me (3:15:26 PM): ugo

Her (3:17:02 PM): ugo

Me (3:17:22 PM): ugo

Her (3:18:51 PM): ugo

Me (3:24:03 PM): ugo

Her (3:27:13 PM): ugo

Me (3:30:27 PM): ugo

Her (3:32:32 PM): ugo

Me (3:34:06 PM): ugo


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