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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Service Announcement

Have you ever seen these in New York City?

They're called "service advisories" and the let you know when a train will have scheduled interruptions. Today I saw one for the "K" train. Now, sadly, there is no K train, so you can imagine my curiosity when I saw that. So I put on my trusty glasses and as I read the small print I realized it was a parody, explaining that Amazon and Kindle are actually banning and editing books. Something like, "Web Editing is the new Book Burning". I would have taken a picture of it, but as it was the suit wearing hipster that was sitting right in front of it was already pretty excited when I put on my Hot-For-Teacher glasses to take a closer look at what he probably thought was him instead of the sign behind him, so I'll take a picture the next time I see it.

But Amazon banning books? Yeah, they can be selective about what they choose to print, apparently. I don't know if that necessarily counts as censorship. But either way, that ad campaign is awesome.


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