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Monday, March 15, 2010

But Seriously, Folks...

Hello all,

I haven't posting in a while, I know. As a rule, as "Tempy", I only blog when I am at my survival job. That is, the job that pays most of the bills Monday through Friday. That's sort of been the general rule- I only blog when at work. That's how it all started - when JP Morgan wouldn't let me access personal email, so it was my only way to communicate to the outside world. What can I say? I'm crafty.

It's been a bit busy these days, and I haven't had as much fun at my job so I'm not going to bore you with unnecessary posts about sending out Bar-Mitzvah cards. You'd think that's funny- actually, not so much (okay, it kind of is). But I do have a "real life" and in that regard, friends will hear from me via personal email or phone calls when there's actually stuff to talk about because while blogging's fun, I enjoy real contact, as do we all.

"Tempy" is sort of a character. A character that I am, but a character that has this extra awesome time on her hands to make funny observations about office culture, etc. But since I've been a bit MIA, and the truth is most of my "followers" are really my friends, I thought I should share a few things while not at work, so here goes.

I watched a movie recently (okay, maybe like, 5 minutes ago), and one character says to the next, "When was the last time you've been truly happy?" I thought about it, and here's my top three that jumped off the top of my head. Like I said, I'm not at work right now, but since I feel like writing, heck, I'll share.

The first memory I can think of was a few weeks ago when I went to this theater I will be performing at again soon, the SoHo Playhouse, where a show that I wrote debuted 2 years ago. As I walked out of the train station, I took a very unexpected breath. It really hit me, for the first time in years, what actually happened there. I did this fun show, but what made me happy is knowing that everyone who was a part of it had some of the best times of their life. From the auditions, to rehearsals, to performing, everyone had a great time, and that made me feel really good. My shrink would say, "What about YOU?" And what I will say is, yes, making people feel good makes me feel good. Plus, I had a blast. It's like throwing an awesome party, and knowing everyone else had fun.

The second memory that sticks with me, and he may not know this, is the time when a very special man got me tickets to a show at the St. James theater- a theater that I love for other personal reasons. In hindsight he just wanted to do something nice for me, which was great in of itself, but what he didn't know was what a connection I had with that theater growing up in New York City. We were only friends at the time, but it was technically the best "date" I ever had. Not only because he was thoughtful enough to take me, but because as he knew someone in the band of the show, as a result we got a full backstage tour including an historically intimate view of every aspect of this dynamic theater from the wig room, to the costume room, to the hydraulic system that ran the stage - even down to the tiny floor that used to be the original orchestra section that we had to hunch down through to navigate. The fact that someone cared enough about me to do that meant so much, even if he had no idea how much it did.

And the final memory I can think of as a "top 3" is the last Father's Day I spent with my dad. (About 21 years ago). My dad is not well in the head, seriously. He used our new stepmom to ease the distance between myself and my sister because of his issues with my mom after the divorce, but on this particular day the new stepmom couldn't make it and he was actually not only by himself, but himself. My sister and I went to some park with him in the Bronx - we had a picnic or something - and he was humbled; still mad about the divorce with my mom, but genuinely happy to see us. It was the last time I saw him like that, and while the memories of him since have been brutal, even crazy people have their day of honestly. And that's when I really felt I said goodbye to my dad, who is still with us on this earth, but certifiably cruel and insane. But that particular day, he was just him spending time with us, and I know my sister look back on that as one of the best days with him.

So, Tempy's been busy at work. I promise you many more funny fake IM conversations and cartoons in the future. But since the subject came up, and I feel I know some of you well, while I have this forum I feel like I can tell you some of the top three moments of my life that I think of at this moment.

HEAVY! Who wants some Palin jokes? Tomorrow, I swear.


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