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Friday, October 23, 2009

Just Another Conversation

KingMaddox (12:36:53 PM): helloooo

PlsCall4Help (12:36:56 PM): that u Maddox?

KingMaddox (12:37:11 PM): maaaaaaaaaybe

PlsCall4Help (12:37:19 PM): ru near a phone?

KingMaddox (12:37:26 PM): who this

PlsCall4Help (12:37:36 PM): Suri

PlsCall4Help (12:37:40 PM): Suri Cruise, Katie Holmes' daughter

KingMaddox (12:39:12 PM): STFU

KingMaddox (12:39:28 PM): no ways hahahhaha

PlsCall4Help (12:39:34 PM): I need u to call 911- tell them I am being held against my will. They feed me barley water in a bottle and I'm 4. My dad's crazy. Y mom's his beard. I can't go around looking cute anymore. This is serious. Code red.

KingMaddox (12:39:34 PM): hahhaha u so funny

KingMaddox (12:39:37 PM): my mom and dad are super famous too and I'm a big deal

PlsCall4Help (12:39:37 PM): this isn't a joke

PlsCall4Help (12:39:40 PM): I need 2 leave b4 they put me on a show or in amovie

KingMaddox (12:40:22 PM): I have a loooot of $ and siblings. My mom's hot

KingMaddox (12:40:29 PM): she's not rly mom mom tho

KingMaddox (12:40:39 PM): so I can totally hit it

PlsCall4Help (12:41:04 PM): ew

PlsCall4Help (12:41:07 PM): seriously?

PlsCall4Help (12:41:10 PM): what the hell is wrong w/you people? I need u to find me someone who has an IM address who can help

KingMaddox (12:41:16 PM): sure I'll switcvh u over to daddy Brad

KingMaddox (12:41:22 PM): he can help

PlsCall4Help (12:41:25 PM): really? Oh thank you!

KingMaddox (12:41:27 PM): ya he saved New Orleans

PlsCall4Help (12:41:31 PM): really?

KingMaddox (12:41:45 PM): totes

PlsCall4Help (12:41:52 PM): ok yes, I'd love to speak with him

KingMaddox (12:41:53 PM): ohh he's too bizee sorry

PlsCall4Help (12:42:02 PM): come on

KingMaddox (12:42:04 PM): he's trying to raise my 452,375,385 other siblings

KingMaddox (12:42:13 PM): takes time, u kno

PlsCall4Help (12:42:20 PM): forget it I'm doomed

KingMaddox (12:42:28 PM): oh it's not so bad. I steal my dad's smokes and drink brandy u should try it

PlsCall4Help (12:42:55 PM): they're back I have 2 go

KingMaddox (12:52:13 PM): oh kidding I'll help u

KingMaddox (12:52:22 PM): not ahhahahhahahahhahha


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At 3:48 PM, Blogger Tempy said...

I saw that, anonymous- and I was just so insulted no one answered my ad!


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