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Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Friend

If you haven't read this instillation in the New York Times yet, you should. It's about the NY Times reporter who was captured by the Taliban and held 7 months until he ESCAPED. His new wife was actually working with a friend of mine at Cosmo when this happened and so my friend was asked to take over her senior editorial post until the wife could resume her duties. But the CIA instructed my friend not to tell anyone- if word got out, the terrorists could use the media to their advantage, so she was just one of a handful of people who knew.

My friend is also a terrible liar. So every time she was asked about her new job, her face would flush and she'd mumble, so we thought she just got a promotion and was being modest. Meanwhile she had the corner office at Cosmo and was directing photo shoots with Ed Westwick. It made no sense.

Finally it came out, he escaped, and she spilled the beans. You really should read this incredible story.


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