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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Show Time

So I'm pretty freaking excited. I'm taking Patientboy to the Broadway show Wicked for his birthday (his bday was two weeks ago, but it takes a while to get house seats). WHAT?!? Did I just drop a huge piece of show-off??? Yeah, not only did I get house seats but I got them through the guy who wrote the freaking show, Mr. Stephen Schwartz. The director of my play last year is all tight with him so they came from his office proper. But really, my date is worth it.

The only problem is lately, he's been getting these gorgeous suits custom made, all Don Draper style and man, he looks fabulous. I'm no fag hag but even I want to wave my hands in a flutter and squeal, "Girl!..." every time he steps out in one of his masterpieces. It kind of makes it difficult to out-do him, and I'm the damn female, right? Well, I am wearing a pretty awesome dress today which prompted my Bosslady to say, after I told her I was seeing Wicked tonight, "Well you look wicked tonight. Ow!" Then again as we all know, my Bosslady has a huge crush on me, which I both welcome and encourage.

My sister Lawyergirl and our TotallyStraightMaleFriendWhoLovesMusicals, who we will affectionately refer to as "Marathon Man", are coming too. It's gonna be a special night.


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do they call him "marathon man" because of his stamina on the horizontal plane?

PS: Those custom-made suits sound FABULOUS!

At 3:49 PM, Anonymous GuyNextDoor said...

I was swamped this morning (as you noticed) and couldn't even f'ing turn around (because I was taking dictation over the phone for my boss, who should learn to use his thumbs better!). But, I am now back, so come by!!


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