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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


It's been really hectic because the Bosslady and another co-worker's trip to Las Vegas has been moved up by one day. They're speaking to some women at a conference there about finance, women in finance and nailpolish- all that stuff chicks dig. So as part of the presentation my Bosslady decides she wants to do an interactive "horserace" between the ladies and as such she needed big horses with different stock tickers on them to wear around their necks. I know, I didn't get it at first either. Well, here they are. I must admit, they came out pretty adequate.


At 1:27 PM, Anonymous lawyergirl said...

Pretty good. That's thanks to all of my toys growing up

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Tempy said...

And all the Sarah Jessica Parker movies. HEY-OH!!!


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