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Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am both shocked and awed that there is an instruction manual today in Gawker on how to nab a sailor during Fleet Week. From the last time I checked, all it takes is having lady parts and a pulse.

Now, I'm a bit of a sap because I have had friends who served, and I really think it's important to thank a soldier for their service to our country. Our recent wars were due to poor choices by rich white dudes who never stepped foot near a military base, but the people in the armed services aren't at fault for that. So, you know, thank a service member.

There's one risk to that- they might see it as an open door, "I will serve you *wink*" policy, so just be careful whose hand you shake or who you salute on the street. Case in point, I was at a comedy show in the West Village yesterday (hello, sailor? I won't ask if you don't tell) and a crew of them came in during the after-hang time, and I walked by one and shook his hand and said, "Hey, welcome to NY. Thanks for your service," to which he then slurred, "So where are we hanging out after this?"

Uh? Hmmm.. They are normally on their best behavior (strict orders) so I let it slide, but I had to pick the one guy who drank too much. But I think they were also mildly bewildered that they walked into one of the gayer locations in the West Village, which is hard to do. Nothing says antithesis of "soldier" than a roomful of liberal, skinny, glasses wearing stand up comedi(enne)ans.

But still, take that risk.Thank a soldier. Just preferably do it in the daytime.


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