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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jon = D to the 2nd Degree

OK, as most of you know, I never really watched that whore-riffic show called Jon and Kate plus 8 AKA Jon minus 9 (+ skank X*2), but I am totally team Kate. The man is just showing blatant disregard for his kids by f@#king around with whatever moves but here's what really gets me:


Why? Because it's just too much responsibility, and Kate doesn't take care of them, blah blah.

You know what? My dog can totally be an asshole- I know that. And yeah, it's inconvenient to have to take them on walks, and be home, and pay people to take him if I go away, etc. But maybe this douchetastic piece never should have gotten one if he can't take care of it. That really gets me. I hear about people all the time who get a pet, don't bother training it or hanging out with it, and the second they become inconvenient, they expect someone to take it for them. It may seem harsh, but that to me shows total lack of character and selfishness beyond belief.

Bad treatment of animals = narcissistic selfish ass. And if you know someone who treats animals like that, it's only par for the course that you're next. Luckily, my friends are good, caring, responsible pet owners because they're awesome. Oh, and I'm taking Jesse to the country this weekend, because he's the man. We might even get in the canoe again.


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