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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


There are two count 'em two pregnant ladies in the office today for a meeting. I really hope I don't catch something.

In other news, I sometimes read this nasty lady's column in AMNY or Metro or one of those free papers, where every week she complains about something involving her kids, husband or friends. Today she was all, "I want more attention from my husband!" Anyway, a few weeks ago, she was saying how pissed she was when, while she was pregnant, her friends asked, "Oh, are you going to breastfeed?" She was like, "It's no one's business!"

Well you know what, the fact that your friends are technically shareholders in your kids' lives based purely on all the money you expect them to spend on your children, I think your friends can ask you anything they want. Maybe they really are curious- it's a big change in someone's lives, breastfeeding. Maybe they are thinking of getting pregnant and are seeking out advice. Or maybe they're just like me- making smalltalk about nothing in particular because you just announced to the entire world that your husband shot a wad in your muffin and you chose to keep it.

Either way, breastfeeding is a beautiful thing.


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