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Friday, January 29, 2010

When In A Restaurant

A few years ago I did some SAG background work on a movie that just came out called When In Rome. I detest background work because all the extras really think they're actors and not just glorified scenery, but I digress. The pay is fantastic, and at the time, I really needed a quick $500 to pay for my Equity card. So I swallowed my pride and spend two 18 hour days on a set for this "restaurant scene".

It wasn't that bad because there were only a few of us and Danny DeVito took a liking to me (truth), but they did warn us, "Look, we're trying something new with filming this- the idea is that you are eating at one of those restaurants that is entirely in the dark, but we're going to film this fully lit and see if we can fix it in post. We might not even be able to use this, but we're really gonna try. Thanks for being here." So we had to just pretend to eat as if we were in the dark, but really we were in stark full fluorescent light.

Now, besides the fact that the guy who played my "date" took the 'eating in the dark' to a cartoonish Stevie Wonder-esque extreme, it wasn't the worst way to spend two days. But the cast knew the movie was a dud. They did their best but before the director said, "Action," every time they would give each other the side-eye, like, well, at least this pays the bills.

So the movie comes out and the reviews are in- it's a bomb. I don't plan on seeing it until it goes to cable, which by the rate of things, it will probably be on DVD tomorrow. But I just assumed the restaurant scene was cut because they really didn't know if it would work.

Hand to god, this is what the review in AMNY said today: "The only good part of this film is an innovative scene involving a kooky restaurant."


No, kidding, no one could save this movie, but if you do see it, look for the disgusted customer who, when the lights finally come on, throws her napkin on the plate and grabs her date mouthing "Let's go."

I am classically trained at the British American Drama Academy. This is true.

On a good note, I made a lot of money for doing barely nothing.


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