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Monday, December 28, 2009

My New Friend

How is that dog doing, you ask? The one I'm watching for the holidays? She's a 9 lb. Shih-Tzu and we are having so much fun. My dog likes her a lot and I'm not normally into small dogs but this one's a real character. I've spent the better part of this week teaching her how to be a real dog (she's a Manhattan purse dog). Well, welcome to Brooklyn, bitch. By the end of this week, she'll be playing stick ball with the Italian kids and rolling her own cigarettes.

Here's part of the email I just sent to the owner:

"OK, I love your dog. We are having a blast! I’ll give you the run down so far:

The first night [a gentleman caller] stayed over so I didn’t let her in the bed. She whined a bit and barked, but since Jesse was also not on the bed and sleeping in his little chair, I think she got the message, and by the morning she was sleeping in her dog bed which I placed on the floor next to the bed. She’s been sleeping there since and last night she curled up on the floor next to Jesse!!! So cute.

Christmas was amazing- she was so sweet and my mom and everyone loved her.

She met a nice Jewish dog named Murray at the park who took a liking to her. I think she’s in love.

She’s been peeing a bit on the wee wee pad, but mostly going outside. She is so great with that. And she’s eating like a little pig. This morning when she was done with her food, she shoved Jesse over (he’s 60 lbs) and started eating from his dish and he just looked up at me like, “WTF" but didn’t try to get his food back. I had to physically remove her from the dish. So if you’re wondering about who wears the pants in the household, it’s her. If my dog were human, he’d be a very polite gay man."

Shayna and Murray


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